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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Hey Everyone

I've been really excited to get this post up for the last couple of days.  I was on twitter looking through my feed and came across a tweet RT by Brian Dowling (big brother host/ultimate house mate) and it was for TotesAmazBags.  Of course I had to look and when I did I instantly fell in love with the quirky, cute style of bags.

I sent Nadine a picture of myself and told her I wanted to be holidng a handbag in my picture.  She sent me a really cute sketch of the drawing that was going to be put onto my bag to see if I liked it.  (Email replies were so quick! Top notch customer service).  

A few days later my bag came in the post and I was so excited.  I took it to school straight away.  Everyone was loving it!  Especially me!

My bag is so cute and has little sparkles on it and then I'm wearing a pink dress with a purple handbag which is ace as I have a little pink dress that I thought looked really similar. 

Nadine is from Ireland and the jute bags (which is what I have) are 35 euros (about £30ish) but she also does tote bags which are so cute and when pay day comes I may have to purchase for shopping.  They are so cute little cloth bags and you can have them personally designed.  They are 15 euros I think and you can see them on her website *HERE

She also has a section on her website where you can see the bags she has made for her customers so far.  Including my little collage that I made haha!

She has made bags for some celebrity shoppers as well. E.g Brian Dowling (who requested a bigger bow).  Pippa O'Conner, Rebecca Creighton from the X Factor and of course herself. 

There is also something coming up that I'm really excited about.  She is going to be making kids Jute bags, that are incredibly cute and PINK!!! My little cousin Caleigh is going to looooooove this as she loves my bag and she wants one of her own but being 5 and carrying a massive jute bag is just not really possible but a mini one is absolutely perfect.  
When they come into stock I will be getting my order in quick. 

Nadine's Totes Amaz Bags website is:
Nadine's Totes Amaz Bags twitter is: @totesamazbags
and you can email her at:

Get your orders in guys cus the bags are soooo cute!!

Hope you Enjoyed this post

Lots of love 
<3 Secret Beauty <3

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