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Thursday, 2 January 2014

XMAS and NYE Mac haul

Hey Everyone 

I'm back with a mac haul.  Over the Christmas holidays I received mac vouchers as gifts and went to get my makeup done for my work christmas night out and then for New Year's Eve.  Of course at mac you can pay for this service by purchasing producs so these are the products I purchased over the festive period.

For my work Xmas night out I had a dark smokey eye with a rose gold shimmer tint and the products I purchased were the;

Mac Pro Longwear foundation in NC15 which I now use as my every day foundation when I am wearing fake tan (which is most of the time). It's amazing I wear it during dance class and it doesn't budge even when I sweat and it also held up during a rain storm as I stood outside for 40 mins waiting to meet jack black (which was also amazeballs).

A pigment colour powder in the colour tan and also the mineralize skinfinish natural in medium deep

The girl who did my makeup chose the colour tan as it matched my rose gold watch and would compliment other jewellery that I was wearing that night.  And for an all over bronzed look she used the mineralize skin finish to bronze up my face/neck.  

She also measured, cut and applied a pair of natural false lashes (no 7) which can be reused which is amazing.  I had enquired about a primer as I am allergic to urban decay primer potion so she gave me away a mini mac pot tester of the prep and prime eye (light) so I am in the process of trying it.

On my second trip to mac for New Years eye I had a different artist do my eyes which I also loved however her service wasn't as good as the first time (however it was busy so she was clearly rushing).
She gave me a purple/black sparkly smokey eye which I absolutely loved.

Instead of a primer on my eye she used a paint pot which created a fantastic base and a Matte finish onto my eye so I purchased it and it is in the colour painterly.  She also used a combination of eye shadows to create the look and then topped it off with a pressed pigment in the colour moth to add the sparkle which I purchased also.

Instead of using fake lashes on New Year's Eve I decided just to go for some mascara so she used the in extreme dimension lash in the colour black extreme which I also purchased as even though I'm not 100% keen on the brush absolutely loved what it did to my lashes.

And to finish off both of the looks I bought two separate lipglosses, one dazzle glass and one cremesheen  glass in the colours love alert and just superb which I love however not so keen on the brush applicator of the dazzle glass lip gloss.  Love the colours though and they finish off a makeup look perfectly.

So that was my two trips to mac.  Sorry I don't have decent pictures of my eyes after the were finished I was mostly in a rush this Xmas and didn't think to take pictures in good lighting for my blog.  

Hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you next week with an urban decay naked inspired post:) 

Check out my YouTube as I will be uploading a video there on my mac haul as soon as I get 5 minutes alone to make the video :) 

Lots of love 

Secret beauty :) 

Where have I been!!

Hi Everyone 

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted a blog and filmed a video.  For months I have been saying that I really wanted to get back into it however have just been so busy with moving back home and starting a new college course that every time I tried I would always film/write an "I'm back" style post and then never follow it up.

Last night I spent the night looking through my old YouTube videos and saw that I had over 200 subscribers and I couldn't believe it.  I also saw that on one of my videos I had over 28 thousand views which is absolutely incredible.  This has really urged me to get back into filming and stick with it this time.

I want to start with a mac haul video as we have just had a store open up where I am from and I have been buying things like crazy and I love it.  I also have a lot of empty products for a video and lots of other things planned.  I am aiming at the moment to do 1 video and 1 blog post a week so hopefully I will be able to keep that up :) 

Speak soon 

Love secret beauty 

Friday, 5 July 2013

I'm Backkk!

Hello Everyone

 Can you believe its been over 6 months since I have posted both a blog and a video?

Big life was so hectic last year living alone I had so much to do and also going out all the time took away from blogging/videoing but now that I have moved back home for 2 years I am ready to get back into blogging and videoing again.

This is just going to be a short hello blog to get back into the swing of things and I will be filming an update video shortly and uploading to YouTube which you will be able to see the bar above here.  

Excited to get started again and will be blogging soon :) 

Love Secret Beauty <3 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

January sales haul

Hey everyone, Sorry its been so long since I've posted but I am now back in my halls and was sick for the week but went shopping this weekend and got a few things in the sales so here is my January Sales haul - You can check out the video on my youtube channel as well:) 

Ok so the first thing place I went was New Look and I picked up two tops from the sales.  I got this burgundy coloured top to wear with my galaxy leggings and just other leggings at college.  its a size 8 which is slightly too small but hopefully ill lose some weight in my healthy eating diet/fitness block that it will fit me by the end of it. The second top I picked up was originally £20 reduced to £10 (bargain) and its this lovely cream top with studded shoulders and a ripped back which i love!!  

This cost £5

I then went to Primark where I got myself this set of 4 gold rings to wear when I want to wear gold jewellery.  I love the plain band with diamonds and the diamond bow ring...the other two I still love but not as much.  I then picked up this mascara that I don't think I am going to like but will do until I can nip to boots and get myself a decent one. Then I got this love hearts lip balm that doesnt really smell or taste but it says it should of strawberry but works well as a balm anyways.  And I also picked up some small elastic bands for my hair which are always handy to have :)  I also grabbed some hand sanitiser from bodycare so that i dont get ill again :) 

Then for my favourite part.  I went to office to look in their sale as I had seen a pair of leopard print spiked shoes months ago for £85 and could justify paying that amount for a pair of shoes when I'm a student living on a budget.  But I went in and saw the shoes that I loved had not only been reduced to £50 but had been reduced to £25!!! thats a whole £60 off!! I love sales! So i got these shoes and cant wait to wear them out.  The spikes on the front are sharper than the ones on the back and the heel is a low/high heel if you know what I mean.  They aren't the most comfortable shoes but pain is beauty dontcha think?

Well I hope you like the things I got in the sale and I promise ill get back to blogging and videoing regularly now that things are back in order with my life:) 

See you soon 
Lots of love
<3 Secret beauty <3 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New Room in student housing

Hey Everyone, I'm back

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I've moved to a new city away from all my family and friends and have started college and really settled into 'student life.'  It's be absolutely crazy hectic here and finally I have managed to film a video and upload some pictures of my new room.

When I first moved into my flat things were a little different in my room but I have now put everything in its place (including furniture) and made it my own.

First of all here is my front door and and hall way into my room:
Second here is my bed.  Now before my bed was along the side wall where my clothes rail is and my chest of drawers but I decided I didn't want it there so moved it to under my window.

Just next to my bed is my desk and a little cabinet and another set of drawers.  My shelves and photo board are also here.  I absolutely love my collage of all my friends and family from back home.  My little cousins are so cute!

Next to my bed and mirror is my clothes rail and chest of drawers with clothes in it.  I do have a wardrobe near my bathroom on the wall you cant see next to the front door but it wasn't big enough for all my clothes.

I have forgotten to take a picture of the storage under my bed but it is just 3 large boxes holding all my shoes.  I missed this out of the video aswell but if you would like me to include it in another post about clothes or a video let me know down below or in the comment bit of the video title Room Tour (NEW)

Hope you all are doing well :)
Hope I can find time to post and video more often now that I am settled.

  1. Lots of love
  2. <3 Secret Beauty <3

Monday, 27 August 2012

Edinburgh tattoo

Hey everyone

I've just moved into my new flat (post coming soon) so I'm just putting up a post I had previously typed about the Edinburgh Tattoo festival so here it is :) 

Hey everyone

Yesterday my mum and I went down to Edinburgh to see the Tattoo festival with my mums work.  We got taken down on a bus and taken back home as well.  The day was really good and luckily sunny. 

I took some photos to upload so here they are. 

Firstly here is my and my mum on the bus :) 

This is out the window when we were crossing the bridge heading to Edinburgh.  I think it is the 4th road or fourth or something like that. 

These are photos from the Edinburgh Tattoo where many military specialists played the bagpipes and brass bands played along to Scottish dancers and other really exciting things.  Also a few fireworks were set off but as it was quite light they were difficult to photograph but I've included one to let you see :) 

Finally this is a picture of 'The Horn' if you've travelled Scotland and stopped here before you will know you get theee best bacon roll here ever!  It is amazing and leaves you extremely thirsty for the rest of the day. 

I will do a new flat video and post asap.  Im just getting everything sorted so far so bare with me :) 

Lots of love

<3 Secret Beauty <3

Monday, 13 August 2012


Hey Everyone 

Sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been so busy with work, making a holiday dvd and getting all my stuff together for moving for college. 

Last week we all in Scotland got our exam results and also it was my friends birthday so I went out for a meal with his family and then out on the Wednesday night in town for his birthday/exam celebration.

I went and got my nails done at Hollywood Nails in the market where I stay.  I got acrylic clear tips with the white airbrushed on and a cute flower design painted on the 4th (ring) finger.

After getting my nails done I hit the shops (not in need but in want) of a new outfit.  I went to newlook as I had a voucher so I picked up a ring, necklace and 2 pairs of earrings.  This is the spiked ring that I wore on my night out in town.  You will see the other pieces featured in my photos except one pair of earrings that I haven't photographed but they are shown in my Youtube Video *HERE* 

For the meal with my friends family I wore this River Island mint green dress that I picked up in the sale (in the size too small) for £20 instead of £60.  I wore it with a black blazer (which meant I could unzip the dress while I was eating) but it looked really nice on and I wore black tights and flat shoes with it to dress it down :)

On my second night out in town I wore a silky kind of material black floaty vest top  tucked into a cream and gold lacey high waisted skirt again from the River Island sale.  I'm not 100% sure of the original price but I got it for £10.  I saw a skirt on one of my favourite blogs by Rachel Nicole *HERE* which got me looking in the sale.  I'm not sure if it is still online but mine is a size 8 and fits almost it is slightly big (im usually a 10).

I wore a teeth shape topshop gold necklace that you can kind of see but again was show in my Youtube video.  I wore 2 bracelets one from asos (about 2 years ago) and one that came in a set in New Look. 
I also wore some gold and black earrings with spikes and crosses that went with my ring again both from new look.  

On the night out I wore my hair in a high bun like below with my naked pallete colours virgin sin and toasted on my eyes :) 

I had a really good time on my nights out and hopefully will have more coming up in the future to let you guys see my outfits. 

Lots of love 

Secret Beauty :)