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Sunday, 20 January 2013

January sales haul

Hey everyone, Sorry its been so long since I've posted but I am now back in my halls and was sick for the week but went shopping this weekend and got a few things in the sales so here is my January Sales haul - You can check out the video on my youtube channel as well:) 

Ok so the first thing place I went was New Look and I picked up two tops from the sales.  I got this burgundy coloured top to wear with my galaxy leggings and just other leggings at college.  its a size 8 which is slightly too small but hopefully ill lose some weight in my healthy eating diet/fitness block that it will fit me by the end of it. The second top I picked up was originally £20 reduced to £10 (bargain) and its this lovely cream top with studded shoulders and a ripped back which i love!!  

This cost £5

I then went to Primark where I got myself this set of 4 gold rings to wear when I want to wear gold jewellery.  I love the plain band with diamonds and the diamond bow ring...the other two I still love but not as much.  I then picked up this mascara that I don't think I am going to like but will do until I can nip to boots and get myself a decent one. Then I got this love hearts lip balm that doesnt really smell or taste but it says it should of strawberry but works well as a balm anyways.  And I also picked up some small elastic bands for my hair which are always handy to have :)  I also grabbed some hand sanitiser from bodycare so that i dont get ill again :) 

Then for my favourite part.  I went to office to look in their sale as I had seen a pair of leopard print spiked shoes months ago for £85 and could justify paying that amount for a pair of shoes when I'm a student living on a budget.  But I went in and saw the shoes that I loved had not only been reduced to £50 but had been reduced to £25!!! thats a whole £60 off!! I love sales! So i got these shoes and cant wait to wear them out.  The spikes on the front are sharper than the ones on the back and the heel is a low/high heel if you know what I mean.  They aren't the most comfortable shoes but pain is beauty dontcha think?

Well I hope you like the things I got in the sale and I promise ill get back to blogging and videoing regularly now that things are back in order with my life:) 

See you soon 
Lots of love
<3 Secret beauty <3