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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Trashy doll

Hey everyone

Today I have theeeee most amazing jewellery to show you.  I found this website through twitter not long ago and fell in love instantly.  They have cutest sweetie inspired jewellery EVER!! I ordered a ring and necklace from Trashy Doll (which is linked above and HERE) and was kindly sent 3 other rings and a necklace.  Trashy Doll do free UK delivery so if you are from the UK your in luck. I'm not sure how the international delivery works but for the jewellery it is worth it.  Click the words to get to their *facebook* and *twitter

Don't forget to check out my video on these products to see them up close and personal :) 

There is also a 15% off offer over the easter weekend just use the word "EASTER" at the checkout to receive 15% off :)

The pieces came beautifully packaged in an envelope stating 'fragile handle with care' so that nothing was broken on arrival.  They came in this really cute leopard print bags with a little Trashy Doll sticker and card inside.  They all came wrapped in bubble wrap as well for extra protection. 

This ring ('Plate of Doughnuts') I bought myself and absolutely love.  I have worn it ever since I got it about a week ago.  Even on a night out (so it's defo sturdy).  I loved it because it reminded me on Krispy Kremes.  If you've ever had one you will know what I mean.  Its a beautiful ring with an adjustable bit for any sized finger.  This also means that I can switch up which finger I want to wear it on.  I love the two doughnuts with sprinkles on them the most and think its really cute and good quality for only £6.50. 

The next thing I bought was this gorgeous 'Jar of Flumps' necklace.  I love the fact it is on a gold chain (but can be silver if you ask for it) and that its like an old fashioned jar with a cork.  The little marshmallow flumps are so cute as well.  They actually move and shake inside the jar.  My granda will love this necklace (flumps are his favourite sweetie).  I had seen a necklace like this on Bits and Bows but I liked this one better as the jar adds something unique.  The chain has a sturdy clasp thats attached to a cork and it looks really strong.  I've worn this all weekend and even though the jar is a little bit heavy it has stayed in perfect place.  It sits just above my cleavage and is really comfortable.  I love that its only £8.00 as well....defo going to have to pick up the different sweeties in the jars too.  They've got a Christmas candy cane one and an allsorts jar too.  They're so cute.

The next things you are going to see were sent to me but it hasn't had an affect on the way I view them or my opinion at all.  I absolutely, truly love them and hope you do too.

The first thing I so kindly received was this beautiful necklace (that I want to eat ASAP).  It is a purple 'Jelly Baby Necklace'.  I had this in my basket when I was purchasing the two items that I bought but I couldn't choose which colour I wanted.  It also comes in red and orange.  I was going to choose the red but then I wanted the purple (you guys know the dilemma!!)  Sooo I was so excited when I saw this because I really wanted it and now I've got the purple one I'm really happy and glad I've got this colour.  I love the little heart design on it and its cute little face.  It looks so real!! Its on a small silver chain which I love to go with all my silver jewellery.  The clasp is the same as the gold and looks really sturdy.  This is my mums favourite and I'm sure she will be borrowing/stealing this before I can say jellybaby haha!  I may also purchase the ring that goes along with it.  Both the ring and necklace are £4.95 (I know absolutely amazing).

Here is the other colours (you can see my issue) and the xmas candy jar

The next thing I was lucky enough to receive was this really cute love heart ring.  If you guys have watched my YouTube videos (valentines day OOTD) you will see me wearing a love heart necklace I bought from eBay.  So you know I love them.  I was so excited when I saw this and I love the saying that is on mine.  "Ever Yours"  It reminds me on the scene from sex and the city when Big and Carrie are reading the poem 'ever thine, ever mine, ever ours' and think its really cute.  The ring has an adjustable bit for any size finger which is ace for people who have little fingers and also larger fingers like me :)  This ring is £4.95 and you can get a matching necklace for £5.95 that's really cute as well.  There is also a bracelet with all different colours 'Rainbow ' for £6.50 that I love and may have to purchase.

The next thing is my cousins favourite as it reminds her of being younger when she used to eat the top of this sweetie and leave the biscuit bit.  It is an iced gem ring.  Or midget gem as they used to be called back in the day. I love this and the detail that has been put into the acutally looks exactly the same as the sweetie.  I'm also sooo glad its matches my nails perfectly haha.  How cute is it though guys??  Again an adujstable back for different sized fingers and really sturdy attached to the biscuit part of the ring.  I love this and its only £5.50.

The last ring but my no means least.  Actually one that I will love wearing cus  its so unique and weird is the 'My Last Rolo' ring.  How cute is this guys...doesn't it make you just want to bite into it so you can get the caramel bit on the inside!!  Its so cute haha! My mum thinks its really funny and so do I.  I wore it to the shop and the assistant lady said she loved it haha!  I also love that no one I know has this ring (or any of them) which I love...I hate being the same as everyone else.  I love the fact it is also the exact same size as a rolo sweetie so it looks real! It again has an adjustable band bit and is only £5.50 and you can pick up the matching necklace for £4.95.

A few other things from the website that I absolutely love and will be purchasing after pay day are these bracelets.  I love the dolly mixture one and judging from the quality of the pieces I have I know it will be absolutely amazing.  

Trashy Doll also do a thing called a Lucky Dip where you purchase it for £10 and you get a selection of things worth £20 which is an absolutely amazing deal if you cant decide what to get and have a set budget your going to spend.  This is what I would have done but I most definitely wanted to get the ring and jar to begin with and then I was kindly sent the other products.  

This is going to be my next purchase because how amazing is it!!!! Its massive and chunky and cute and amazing and ace and lovely haha! Cant even describe how much I love's even got a touch of Scotland in there with some irn bru! The crayon is ace and just everything that reminds me of me!  Its an amazing £9.50 and I love it. 

Think i could wear them all?  haha cus I defo want to!!!! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and defo check out trashy doll you will love it!!!

Lots of love 

<3 Secret Beauty <3

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