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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Favourite Nail Polishes

Hey Everyone

Today I filmed a top 10 favourite nail polish video but I was sitting too far away from the camera and there is 0 volume so I will film it again tomorrow and upload then but in the mean time I thought i'd do a blog post :)

I chose 10 of my favourite nail polishes (with inspiration from dollybowbow to do this) and have organised them into brand.  A lot of my favourites are pinky colours and really girly so if your into blacks and dark colours this will be a little boring for you.

My first two favourite nail polishes are from the nails inc line.  I absolutely love the pigment you get from nails inc polishes.  On the left we have george street and on the right is oxford circus.  I got oxford circus a while ago and it is one of the first nail polishes nails inc took out so is really good quality and if i'm not going crazy with my hands can last me up to 5 days without chipping.  It also dries really quickly and only 2 coats are needed to get the look I want.  I got george street for christmas this year and even though I absolutely love the colour I find that it only lasts a day without chipping.  I had it on my nails on wednesday and on thursday morning I woke up with disgusting chipped nails.  As this is one of nails inc new polishes I am hoping they haven't changed the formula or anything because their long wear was something I was really attracted too and willing to pay the price for. 

Anyways here is my favourite nails inc shades and you can buy them *HERE* from the nails inc website.

The next two nail polishes  are long time favourites of mine and are from the No 17 line.  The Lasting fix nail polishes in orange soda and parma violet.  I love both of these colours and I love how long they last.  The parma violet only needs 2 coats but to get a really strong colour out of the orange soda I would usually do 3.  Drying time is quick and I love the brushes that come with them.  You can get them from boots or superdrug or even shopping stores. 

The next two nail polishes are recent purchases and one was in a glossybox.  They are from the line orly and both of them are mini tester sizes.  The first is VIP which I bought from *HERE* ( and the second is Ruby which came in my glossybox.  The pigment of ruby is amazing and only needs one coat and gives perfect colour and shine.  It dries really quickly and lasts about 2 to 3 days.   VIP is a really cute pink sparkle colour.  I often pair it with other pink nail varnishes like Oxford Circus and Barry M in strawberry (coming up) which gives the simple pink look a glamorous sparkle :) 

My next two favourites are Barry M nail paints and they are both from the ice cream line and they are the colours strawberry and peach melba.  They are both quite sheer so do need a fair few coats but the end result is gorgeous.  They look really cute in spring/summer with a tan 
(sunkissed bronzing mouse is what I use) and they last quite a while but do need re touched after day 2 if you use your hands a lot.  There isnt much to say other that they are beautiful...I'm sure you've all tried the nail varnishes from Barry M before :) 

The last two nail polishes are just two random ones.  The first is Revlon in Tropical Temptation (which looks a little orangey in these pictures but if you check out my video when it is uploaded you will be able to see the colour more clearly.  I love this nail polish and how long it lasts and the shine it gives.  I've got it on my nails at the moment and it is still in perfect condition after wearing it on a night out last night.  The second colour is orange from H&M and I love this nail varnish.  I hardly ever wear it and I don't know why because when I do I absolutely love it and always say I need to wear it more.  It's really pretty and I defo need to pick up some more H&M nail polishes :)

Ok so I hope you enjoyed this blog post and check out the video when I get it uploaded

Lots of love 

<3 Secret Beauty <3 

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