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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

South Of The City GiveAway Prizes :)

Hey Everyone,

OOOMMGEEE I just watched the season finale of TOWIE and awww Gemma and cute!

Anyway back to my blog

Today I went and collected a parcel and it was my prizes from CJ (thesouthofthecity) 
I found her channel nearly as soon as I started on YouTube and have loved her videos ever since.  She posted a GiveAway (**here**) and I was a really lucky surprise 4th place winner.  You can go and check out her amazing channel **HERE**

So I wanted to come on and show you guys the amazing prizes that I won:)

First of all look how beautiful the gift bag that the came in was.  Also They did come wrapped up and in really cute tissue paper but in the excitement I ripped it :( without thinking to take a picture first :( 

Ok so the first three things I received were 3 MUA eye shadows :)

                     shade 29 pearl       shade 3 pearl            shade 30 pearl

I absolutely love the MUA eye shadows...they are pigmented and just lovely and stay on so well :)  SO lucky to get these!

The next thing I received is an MUA lipstick in shade 13 and is a beautiful   red colour :) 

The next thing that I got was something I didn't even know existed but I'm well excited about it :) An MUA 3 in 1 extreme contour Eye Pen.  This is an amazing black pen thats soft and creamy and pigmented.  The point is the colour can be dressed up or down and built up to be a really strong black.  In the swatch I did 2 strokes :) 

Last but most certainly not least I received a SLEEK PALLET AHHH! haha. These are soooooooooo hard to find for me where I live and I never want to buy online because I've had one break before:( but I was so excited when I saw this in my little goodie bag.  I love all the colours and the pigment and they are highly raved about and now I know why.  It is the sleek divine original pallet and i loveeee ittt!!! 

Look how lovely those colours are!  BTW I'm wearing parma violate nail varnish by no 17 (you can see it **here** in my nail polish collection video)

I'm genuinly such a lucky girl and I cant get over these prizes...i've been playing around and swatching these all night haha!  Love getting my fingers into them.

Defo check out CJ's YouTube channel and subscribe because her videos are great...the link is above.

Check out my channel 101SecretBeauty101

I am also doing a give away so check it out **HERE** enter (but remember to follow the rules) (oh and dont spam other peoples comments or the video will be removed and no one will win :( ... not good)  The GiveAway ends 1st April so get entering :) 

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I'm so excited I'm at 94 subscribers as that's my birth year!! But would love to reach 100 and more.  

Check out the lovely card I got from CJ as well :)
Thankyou very much for hosting the giveaway and thankyou so much for my prizes...they are amazing and I love them all :) 

Lots of love
<3 Secret Beauty <3

Thursday, 23 February 2012

MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipstick

Hey Everyone

Look what just came in the post for moiiii!!!!

I'm so was very naughty for me to purchase this lipstick but considering mac had a free delivery I just had to get something...

I have the mac angel lipstick and I absolutely love it. So I knew id love this one.

This is a picture of the lipstick

It's a beautiful pink colour and smells abssssooooollllluuuuuttttteeeeellllyyyyyyy gorgeous

Love all
<3 Secret Beauty <3

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancake Day

Hey everyone!!!

Wednesday is a good day for me! I have only 2 periods at school (yyyyyyaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy)

So i've come home, filmed and edited and filmed again and am now writing this blog!

PANCAKE DAY! was yesterday so I thought id do a little blog just showing you guys my pancakes (they are hashtag amazeballs)

SOOO me and my mum cooked to pans of pancakes, one for little fat ones and one for big thin ones!!! 

SOOOO we also liked to mix things up a little bit
and  we made disney shaped ones YAYAYAYAY!!!

We have this cool egg shaper (that doesnt actually work on eggs) and we used it to make mickey mouse shaped pancakes!!  

Here is me being amazing at flipping my pancake! (take 100 of this photo)

Everyone loves lemon and sugar but me and my mum dont (well my mum does but its not in the photo) so we had syrup, maple syrup, starbucks caramel sauce, chocolate spread, butter and sugar:) YUM

My mum also had streaky smoked bacon with hers and maple syrup which makes me want to spew but ever since she had it in Florida she loved it!  I just cant even think about it or look at this photo for too long haha...but here are our finished results :) 

Hope you all had a really good pancake day and have checked out my YouTube Channel...I just did the 7 deadly sins tag and its uploading and I have filmed a video on the body shop products I received but spoke about below! Check it out **here** 

Lots of love
<3 Secret Beauty <3

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Body Shop Products

Hi everyone

Yesterday I received in the post this box of lovely goodies from The Body Shop.

After doing my review video on my YouTube channel **HERE** I was kindly sent all this amazing stuff....

The first thing I noticed was of course my favourite product: the strawberry shower gel:) I love this stuff to no end...check out my video to hear what I have to say on it.

The second thing I noticed is something that I didn't even know the body shop did and has actually cleared up a little question I had about the body butters. This is the sweet pea body moisturiser for dry skin on one side and normal skin on the other:

On the dry skin side is the normal texture of a body butter but on the normal skin side is the same next ire as the lemon tub...they must be the same formula!!!

The third thing I saw and loved is the body shop perfume...I had never smelled it before but omg it smells absolutely amazing!!!

I love the packaging; it's like glass that's been in the sea but it's pink and white which I love! Not only do I love the packaging but the smell is gorgeous too.

The body shop also extremely kindly gave me the waterproof mascara (blue packaging) and a brow thingy (clear packaging... I don't actually know what they are called haha)

I haven't tried them yet but can't wait to in the future and let you guys know all about them :)

I also was given two eye shadows that are absolutely gorgeous, their names are 
<- copper / moonshine ->

These are amazing pigmented and I'm so excited to use these.  They are super shimmery and amazing which I will see these in tutorials soon :) 

I also received a lipstick in 'Rich Scarlet' which I absolutely love.  

It applys well and gives a beautiful colour and also smells absolutely amazing!!! It's really moisturising and looks great on.  It's not as dark as a pure red lipstick as it does have a slightly sheerer finish which is perfect for those who don't suit, or feel cant pull of a bright red lip (me!) This is the best alternative i've found for wearing a red lip!!

Defo check it out!


This my friends is my ultimate faaaaaavourite product from the Body Shop. If you have watched my YouTube video you will have heard all the great things I had to say about the eye shadow pallet that I bought on sale...well these eye shadows are exactly the same but in smaller cubes.  What's cute about this is all the cubes come out so if one day you are wearing the darker blue you can take that cube and leave the other 3 at home!!!! SPACE EFFICIENT!

A massive thankyou to The Body Shop and Patrizia Galeota for sending me these products...I absolutely love them!

Go to the bodyshop website *here* to check out all this amazing stuff! 

Lots of love
<3 Secret Beauty <3

Monday, 20 February 2012

February GlossyBox

Hi everyone
Today my Glossybox for February came in the post and I was so excited to see what was in it...

The box was back to its original baby pink colour with the black logo design. 

I have posted a video over on YouTube of me opening my box with links to the products in the down bar so you guys can go over **HERE** and check it out :)

Inside the box were these absolutely lovely products.  I was so excited because the box this month includes some make-up!!   This is how my Glossybox came when I opened it up :) 

The first product that is on the list is is the DUWOP Venom Gloss 

'Combining subtle tinted lip gloss with DuWop's Lip Venom to create Venom Gloss (Full size £16 for 10.4ml)

My lip gloss is in the colour Buttercup and it is absolutely gorgeous.  It smells like an american sweetie shop you would find in Disneyland or Universal Studios or something like that.  I tried it on and it felt really cold and weird on my lips but looked great.  I love the colour and the smell but wish it tasted the same as it smelled (then again no because I'd eat it all)

The second product on the list (and my personal favourite) is the IMPRESS Press-on Manicure 

'Impress by Broadway Nails is the revolutionary way to apply polish! Simply peel off, press on and done!' (Full size £17.40 for 150ml)

I'm so excited to try these on for size...I love that French manicure look but can never manage to get it on my nails because my left hand is never as good as the right or my nails aren't long enough or just some other excuse as to why I cant manage.  At first I thought these were fake nails but there not...I will definitely be doing a post on these when I apply them to my nails.

The third product on the list is the AWAPHUHI BY PAUL MITCHELL
Wild Ginger Treatment Oil

'Smooth and seal parched hair with natural oils and the hydrating Awapuhi extract.  Absorbs easily imparting a soft silky texture and rich shine effect. (Full size £25.95 for 100ml)

I have never heard of this before or in fact used any oils on my hair...I'm not a great one for hair care and hardly go to the hairdresser (:/ I KNOW) but I have been getting better at keeping good care of it! I'm excited to try this out as the smell is gorgeous and I hope it will stay on my hair.  It smells a little bit like spa treatments or that smell you get when you walk into a treatment room of the oils and candles.  I will let you guys know what I think of it when I use it :) 

The 4th thing on the list is the BM Beauty - Pure Mineral Eyeshadow
(Full size £7.00 for  2g)

'Award winning pure mineral eyeshadow. **Cruelty free** and suitable for vegetarians and vegans'

 I'm so excited to use this eyeshadow and I'm more excited that it is cruelty free.  I really love it when companies don't test on animals and I fully support them (The Body Shop for example) and purchase their products regularly.  
My colour is Dusty Road (sorry the camera refuses to focus on letters) and it is a beautiful gold colour.  I haven't opened it yet because it's all sealed up but will post pictures when I do ... or use it in tutorials on my YouTube channel :) 
The final product on the list is the COMO SHAMBHALA - Invigorate Shower Gel
(Full size £20.00 for 300ml)

'A revitalising blend of essential oils that puts you in a perfectly uplifted mood.'

And that it smells beautifully of lavender and peppermint.  When I first smelled it the mint was the strongest but its not like washing yourself with polos or chewing gum its a clean, fresh smell and I absolutely love it (as I said about 5 million times in a weird voice on my video).  I'm away to jump in the shower and I will most definitely be using this: it smells sooooo yummy!!! 

That was all that was in the February Glossybox this month and I have to say I'm really please we got back to the makeup/nails products that I loved from the December Christmas box. 

There were a few people complaining about the January box and the hype and yes it wasn't makeup orientated but the skincare products and the primer I received have been well used (except the Welda one step cleanser & toner - I'm allergic to it) and for £12.95 a month you cant complain.

**Just before I go check out the little tickets that were inside this months Glossybox one which I, and many others will be extremely excited about...the little grey card in the middle says:
it also mentions *MYSTERY BOX* ooooooooh!!! what does that mean!!

The other leaflets were the product list and also a coupon for The London Fashion Week.

Check out my video on Youtube of me opening and my initial reaction to the products inside my Glossybox **HERE** 
I have filmed another one on my camera which is better quality than the webcam recorded video linked...I will switch the link over when it is uploaded.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

All the links are in the YouTube Downbar :) 

Lots of love

<3 Secret Beauty <3

Tamagotchi for iPhone

Hey guys

This isn't a beauty post but check out this app I downloaded not long ago:

It's called 'hatchi' and it's an almost exact replica of the 90's kids toy tamagotchi!

Anyone who had one of these will love this game it's exactly the same...

I named My tamagotchi khloe and this is her as a baby

And this is her as a teenager

And she just turned into an adult

Hehe...just a bit of fun:) brings me back to my childhood.

Filming today so will see you guys over at my YouTube channel

Follow me on twitter as well...

Email me for requests, chats, business enquiries, all that jazz

Lots of love

<3 secret beauty < 3

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lauren Conrad Novels

Hey everyone

I wanted to do a post on one of my favourite series of books: "L.A Candy" by Lauren Conrad.

Most of you may know Lauren (LC) from either 'Laguna Beach' or 'The Hills' MTV.
For 5 years we watched her grow from a young 18 year old Californian girl to a woman of the Hollywood Hills. Since then Lauren has come on to be a no.1 best selling author .... And one of my personal favs!

Now I was considerably biased buying this book...I didn't read the plot or anything I simply looked at the beautiful covers and saw they were by Lauren and instantly bought them. I absolutely love them! Best impulse buy ever <3

The first book in the series is L.A Candy:

I hope the photos are going in correctly !!

L.A Candy is all about a young girl Jane and her best friend scarlet moving to L.A and being asked to star in this new reality tv show much like the hills...the story unfolds as the girls go through trivial times and have drama on and off set. Lauren claims these stories are fictional but everyone who has read these will want to believe otherwise...

The second book in the novel is 'Sweet Little Lies' and this one is even more exciting that the first (my fav) 
When racy photos of Jane are leaked to the press she's in a complete mess...and she has to figure out which frienamy leaked them! 

The third and final in the series is 'Sugar and Spice'

and this one is about Jane's final goodbyes and the end of her reality show era.  This book probably discusses how Lauren felt when she made the decision (much to my dislike) to leave the hills. 

I seriously recommend these books!!
If the cover isn't enough to make you want to buy it the actual book should!

Even check out the beautiful pictures of Lauren on the back of the books!!! 


Go forth and buy ;)

Hope you enjoyed this post

Lots of love

<3 secret beauty <3