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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lara Croft Tomb Raider look

Hey everyone

I'm so close to leaving school fooorreevverr! But there is one more tradition to go before I leave....muck up day.  This is the day where the 6th years choose a theme dress up and pull pranks on the rest of the school then get drunk together in the park (classy i know).

ANYWAYS the theme this year is heros and villains so I have decided to go as Lara Croft Tomb Raider so this is pictures of my whole look.

There will be videos up on YouTube of my makeup tutorial, hair tutorial and OOTD of my costume.  I need to edit them and then upload which may take longer than I want but with exams and Theory tests coming up I'm really busy with revision.  

Ok so my outfit is just a basic black shorts and vest top and then I ordered an accessories pack from ebay that includes a belt, guns and holsters, gloves and dog tags.  I'm finishing my outfit off with a pair of military style boots from primark. 

My makeup is a classic brown smokey eye (which I do allll the time) that I did with my heaven and earth pallet and more (tutorial will be up soon) and my hair is just in a long plait.  

I'm wearing a 1 piece hair extension weft that I bought for like £5 on ebay and so I've started my plait with a fishtail braid so that my hair blends better into the hair extensions and I think it has worked quite well. 

I hope you like my pictures (I'm a poser sorry).

Lots of love 

<3 Secret Beauty <3 

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