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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Muck Up Day

Hey Everyone

You can probably tell I've been MIA from both blogging and YouTube for a while and I'm sorry.  Its been my last week of school ever and its been really busy and full on.  I thought I'd come on here so that I could show you guys some of the pictures from our 'Muck Up Day'

The theme was heros and villains and everyone dressed up!  I went as lara croft and have videos to show you so they will be up on YouTube once I've edited them :) 

We started the day with activities on the field (which I did not take part in due to the wet grass and fake tanned legs!!!) but I took lots of photos!

Everything was boys against girls and it started with a wheelbarrow race :) then moved onto the 3 legged race which the girls won!! and then onto the four legged race which was hilarious to watch and finally the egg and spoon race where Darth Vader there was last! haha

After the activites we got to have tea and food in the staff room with all the teachers (the bottom two photos) are me with Matt (right) and me and Rory (left) with Kurt photobombing in the background.
The top pictures make me laugh so much.  Me Callum(buzz) Nor-dean(terminator) and Hannah (leopard from tarzan) and Chyrelle who isnt there all drove to the beach to get ice cream and then drove past the guitar wifey who is famous in aberdeen and if you search it in facebook you'll see her page!! 

Top left - me and chyrelle 
Top right - Tom (James Bond)
Bottom left (terminator ordering a mr whippy)
Bottom right - me and gav (storm trouper)

We then went to Hazlehead Park (got drunk and sunburned) and chilled there all afternoon.
Top left - Me and Kurt 
Top right - Me and Gavin (who's t-shirt got ripped off but all the girls were drooling!!)
Bottom left - Nor-dean and me 
Bottom right - Joey and me

And a little collage of me and my bestest Hannah!

Such posers!!

I hope you enjoyed and I will have a proper blog/video up soon :) 

Lots of Love 
<3 Secret Beauty <3

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