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Monday, 16 April 2012

High heel shoe collection

Hey everyone

Today I filmed and am currently uploading my high heel shoe collection video to my YouTube channel so check that out when you get a chance :)

These are all the high heels I own.

I hope you like them :) 

The First are a pair of gladiator style shoes from River Island...these were an amazing gift from my boyfriend (at the time) and I absolutely love them and they mean so much to me as they were a total surprise.  I had seen them in heat magazine and showed them to him and then on our 6 month anniversary he pulled these out from under my bed and I just about died from shock and happiness haha!  They are so comfy to wear and the chunky heel makes it easy to walk in all kinds of ground. (Thankyou Tom <3)

The next pair are from new look and I bought them years ago and have worn them heaps. They were probably around £20 and you can get a classic pair of brown heels anywhere.  They have a slight platform that is a wooden style as is the heel.  I wrecked these by getting them caught in a drain in Portugal a couple of years ago so I haven't worn them since :(
These black heels are from new look and I forgot to use them in my video but they are a velvety material and just a classic black heel with a stiletto and mini platform.   They were around £20.
These grey velvet heels are from Matalan and I absolutely love them.  They are really comfortable and easy to walk in.  The little band that goes across the toes makes your painted toe nails stand out if you wear a contrasting colour which is what I always a pink or blue depending on the outfit I am wearing.  They go with basically any colour and are really versatile. 

The next shoes I bought at £30 for a Top Hats and Tiara ball in aid of Headway charity (for helping people with brain aneurysm).  They were really comfortable and I managed to dance all night with them on.  The diamant√© bar at the front is gorgeous and makes your toe nails stand out.  I had mine in a French manicure style that looked really lady like and pretty. 

The next pair of shoes I bought last week and wore them on Saturday night.  They're really comfy and only hurt a little when I walked from tesco to a party but that was quite far and after that it was all fine :) They were £24.99 from new look and are still in the shops if you want to pick them up :) 

These really cute boots are from *GARAGE SHOES* and were around £20 they are a khaki/tan colour although you can get them in black.  I love the stud detail around the rim and down the back of the boots.  The semi-chunky heel and low back also attracted me to these.  I wore them to the theatre and they absolutely killed my feet (I was nearly crying) they were too big...but I have put a sole in them now and they are perfect.  I love wearing them with both leggins and jeans and they are perfect for dressing up a casual outfit. 

These black high ankle boots are from LoudLook (an ebay shop) and are really comfortable.  I love wearing them with leggings (both leather and normal material).  They were around £15 and are fabulous quality for the price.  I wear them all the time and rank really highly in my shoe collection favourites. 

I haven't worn these navy and white striped heels from Primark for £12 yet but I do really love them.  I might have got a bit of a dodgy pair as the right shoe wobbles from side to side but once I get the hang of walking in them I will be wearing them all spring and summer:)
I bought these clogs from New Look last year when everyone was wearing them and they were really highly in fashion for about £25 or something like that.  They are tan and have a chunky heel and a really cute stud detailing complimenting the gold buckle on the side.  They are really comfortable and I loved wearing them with both jeans, leggings and dresses. 

These nude chunky, square heeled shoes are also from Garage shoes and were about £20.   I haven't had any where to wear them yet so I need to get them worn and then I can let you know how they felt on :) But so far they feel really comfortable.

These sparkly ones are my ultimate favourite party heels.  They are so comfy because of the large platform and chunky heel and they look absolutely amazing.  They remind me on a silver Dorothy (from the wizard of oz) shoes.  They are amazing and I love them soooooo much!! They were £25 from New Look. 

That is all of my high heeled shoes and I hope you enjoyed this post. 

I've just been told my video cant save and upload so I'm going to have to fiddle with it again and see when I can get it uploaded.

Lots of love

<3 Secret Beauty <3

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