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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Vivo tesco makeup haul

Hey guys

I went to Tesco in the UK (sorry if your in the US or anywhere other than the UK) and I picked up a couple of things from their new line Vivo.

I've been really impressed so far with the things that I bought. I went in a couple of weeks ago and picked up this brow and eye kit.  I love it! I have used it every day since I got it. 

I use the darkest shade and the little brush that comes with it to fill in my brows.  I then use the mini clear brow gel to make sure that they stay in place all day and they actually do its amazing!  They don't budge at all. 

The next thing that I bought 2 weeks ago was this mascara which I love so much that I picked up another tube the other day. 

Its curved brush and the formula is perfect for me. I curl my lashes with an amazing curler that I will show you in my She said beauty box post when it comes to the time but this mascara keeps my curl in place all day so I never have to re-curl them which I love because when I'm at work I cant be doing that every 5 minutes.  The formula is fantastic.  It doesn't clump my lashes together and never flakes. 

So on my second trip to Tesco the other day I picked up some new items to try.  I picked up this baked blusher and bronzer.  They are both really pigmented and amazing for putting colour on your face

The next thing I thought i'd have to try just because every girl needs a lipstick from a collection is this gorgeous pink lipstick with gold undertones which makes it very shimmery.  The colour is pink pout and I absolutely love it.  Its very pigmented and moisturising although I do feel my lips getting slightly dry after a while but if you put a lip balm or gloss over the top that would cure that. 
The next thing is something I'm glad I bought but I dont think I would repurchase just because it's a little bit to pink for my face. 

The next thing I had to try but haven't fully enjoyed using to be honest is the matifying loose powder (because of the mess) again because of the mess the radiant boost highlighter.  There is literally no way to use the powder without creating an all mighty mess around your makeup area your clothes everything! Its horrendous but fair play once it is on your skin then it really does work but it isnt work the mess when a pressed one does the job.  The highlighter is good but messy due to the click to get the product out design and is also slightly too pink for my skin tone... I could use this as a light pink blush on my cheeks instead if it wasnt so shimmery. 

The final thing isnt make up but just something I wanted to get and try and I absolutely love it!  I bought a new tanning mit just because mine was getting old and torn but the ambre solaire face tanning mist is amazing.  It darkens over 3 hours underneath your makeup making it look really natural.  It also doesnt smell and is so easy to does go on a little wet but dries within a few seconds.  I love this! and it really does add that perfect amount of colour to my face that lasts all day! and for the next few days until i do a proper exfoliation and cleanse on my face. 

So that is everything i picked up from tesco and i love it all...check out my video on it to hear my ramble about the these products.  Most of the info is here as with swatches.  

Lots of love 
<3 Secret Beauty <3

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New York Makeup Haul

Hi guys 

I'm just back from my holiday in New York and Disney world Florida.

I bought quite a lot of makeup and clothes but will do the hauls separately.

You can watch my video on these products but this is where you will get better pictures and more information :) so I hope you enjoy and hope you like the makeup/beauty products that I bought. 

Okay so the first thing that I bought was an eos lip balm (don't have a photo on here) you can check out YouTube to find out more about that but basically it is a really lovely smelling lip balm that you can get in the USA from wallgreens/cvs and basically anywhere.  I love it and love the packaging its so weird it looks like an egg.  I'm sure you will all have seen them before :) 

The second thing that I bought was a new Strawberry Shortcake Revlon lip butter for $5.99 which is like £3.  this is amazing because you guys know that they cost up to £8 here in the UK.  

I then made a cheeky trip to the mac store on times sqaure (which was absolutely amazing by the way) and had my makeup done by a professional in the store.  I picked up the mineralize foundation and concealer in NC15 and also the absolutely lovely tinted lip conditioner in the colour fushia fix.  Its my new fix!  These products are lovely and in america they are the same price in Dollars as in Pounds which is absolutely amazing!! 

The next product I had to pick up was the Maybelline dream bounce blush and it is soooo funny!  The packaging is so cute and bouncy and weird to touch but i absolutely love touching it.  Its like an obsession now!  I heard about this product from Theresa Huaroto's youtube channel (who i love) and you can see that video *HERE* where she talks about the product and her views and mine are basically the same but I have found a good way to apply the blusher to get maximum pigment which you can see on my video :)

The three nail polishes that I bought I have been absolutely loving and these are better quality views of the colours than on the video but the first is Colour Sensations neon purple nail enamel and its in the colour dream on and I absolutely love it!  Its so vibrant and neon.
Plumberry and Nothing else metals are both essie polishes and as you will know they are fantastic and beautiful colours!

Finally the last and probably my ultimate favourite product is the Naked Pallet from Urban decay.  I love all the colours and I know im slightly behind as the Naked 2 pallet is out already but I do prefer the colours in the 1st edition so had to pick it up.  I have shown the colours in the video but i am going to be doing a separate post on it alone with each colour and feature it in tutorials also :)