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Friday, 30 March 2012

March Favourites

Hey everyone

Today I have chosen my March favourites.  I only chose beauty products instead of picking things for hair and skincare and such which I have been loving too.  If you want to see all of my March favourite go over to my YouTube where the video will be uploaded soon. 

So lets get started.  The first thing I chose was my I the weather has been really lovely here in the UK I have been wearing more clothes that show skin so I have been fake tanning regularly.  I have gone back to using my collection 2000 lasting perfection ultimate wear foundation.

It has SPF 20 (which is good for your face - even though I still put sunblock on)
The colour I use is Ivory (no.1) and its a really good skin colour match when I have fake tan on b but too dark on a day to day basis.

This month I have been switching between two blushes.  My old favourite natural collection in Dusky pink but also my new sleek blush (that I won on a twitter giveaway) in 935 Flushed.  I love both of these blushes for creating a natural look.  Even though the sleek blush might look a little scary its really not and leaves a gorgeous finish on the cheeks.  You all know that the natural collection blushes are amazing for such a cheap price as well! 

The next thing I wanted to just pick one of them but I literally couldn't...these are my three favourite lip products this month.  The Burberry mini lipstick in copper.  The sleek pout polish tinted lip conditioner in Frosting and the LOOK beauty Double Hit Lip in Rose Riot.
I absolutely love the Burberry lipstick and will be purchasing the full sized product asap!!  It is glossy and shiny and a lovely colour...its lovely to put on to bring your lips to life but not add a lot of colour.  

The sleek pout polish in frosting is my favourite out of all the lip conditioners from sleek and it smells, tastes and looks absolutely gorgeous.  Its very moisturising and gives a gorgeous colour. 

The double hit lip is something ive only really had for a week but i absolutely love it.  The lipstick is so moisturising and leaves a matte look on the lips and i wear it on its own sometimes.  The gloss is a lovely colour and I tend to wear it on its own during the day because i LAV it!

The 2 last favourites this month is my Revlon nail varnish in Tropical Temptation 093 which I absolutely love...the colour is gorgeous and the shine is amazing.  The colour also stays on for ages without chipping as long as a top coat is applied over the top. 

The last thing is this natural collection body spray (which was less that £5 from boots) in the scent Wild Strawberry.  I love this fresh refreshing smell that is gorgeous.  I can wear this all day long and even at night going out with the girls.  A few sprays maybe every 2 hours makes you smell great and another this is that it is small enough to just throw in your bag for the day :) 

Sooo I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you guys in the next one.  Check out my video for the full collection of my march favourites:) 
Lots of love
<3 Secret beauty <3

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Affiliate Program Adverts

Hi everyone

I dont know if you have noticed but my blog has changed a little bit.
I have recently joined an Affiliate Program and I am now advertising some amazing sites on my blog.  I decided to do this because I thought it would give my blog a little more character and would allow me to let you guys see the kind of websites that I love using. 

I thought I would just talk a little bit about the ones that are present on my blog at the moment. 

The first one I added is Cheap smells and you can see it down to the left <<< there!
Cheap Smells is a website where I buy makeup cheap.  I love purchasing makeup here and this is where I buy my 'fair and natural Mayfair pressed powder'  I have also purchased many lipsticks and eye shadows.  This website has made a major dent in my bank balance but also given me the opportunity to try products that are more expensive for a cheaper price.  I recommend this website to both makeup beginners and also those wanting to build on their collection.  But not only is there makeup on this site there are gift sets, perfume, hair products and all sorts of stuff so go and check it out :)  The link is to the side there :) p.s Swalkermakeup just did a post you should check out mentioning cheap smells:) 

The second website I have linked is the amazing Bell & Bell (directly under cheapsmells) Bell & Bell are an approved ghd online retailer and they also sell hair tools from Cloud Nine.  This is where I bought my hot pink hair straighteners all those decades ago.  One thing I love about this website is the fact that they sell high quality hair tools but also hair care products so that you can order online and everything you need for creating hot hair looks will come to you.  They also sell makeup from Benefit, YSL and more and AMAZZZZINNGGLLLYYYY postage and packaging to those in the UK is free!!!!!!!  But they have a list of prices to all other places where they deliver so you know exactly what the price is going to be at the end of the day.  You can click on the link over on the left hand side of the screen to take you to the website.  

The third website I have linked over there < is Style Aloud.  I only found this website today but fell in love instantly.  I only wanted to link to websites that I had purchased from but as I really liked this one I wanted to link it too.  Style Aloud does beautiful jewellery and bags for amazing prices.  I am definitely looking into buying one of the amazing clutch bags for my prom.  The jewellery is beautiful and some of the pieces are in my bag already.  I cant wait to order and for my package to come so I can let you guys know what it is like :) Click the link to visit the website :) 

If you scroll right down to the bottom of my blog you will see three links to three amazing websites.  The first Coco Lush is my new obsession.  The bikinis are amazing and the jewellery is beautiful...I absolutely love the Pink large beads rose necklace and will definitely be purchasing it :)  For anyone getting ready for spring/summer I would 100% check it out because you will need these things for your holidays. The next website it TFNC London.  Now I heard about this website as Lauren Pope tweeted saying her dress was from here and I had to check it out and to my amazement I was so surprised at the prices of these dressess....THERE FOR NORMAL PEOPLE! haha!  I always expect celebrities to be wearing really expensive dresses that are beautiful but I could never afford but these are amazing and affordable.  I would put it on par with asos if not even better. Soooo go and check it out and get your summer party dresses on order!  The last link is for The Funky Group.  Another hair and beauty website...They also stock GHD products and is another website I love to look through to see the newest products.  I have a voucher code for this website but I wasnt sure I could mention it but if I can I will let you guys know about it.

OKAYYY Sooo what a long blog...I apologise for that but I just wanted to explain why these adverts were popping up on my page.  I hope you guys go and check out these amazing websites and stock up on their products as they are all ones I love and highly recommend to anyone.  I also think they are very affordable and for the average person :) 

I hope you found this informative and enjoyable 

lots of love 
<3 Secret beauty <3 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

LOOK Beauty Double Lip Hit

Hey everyone

Today I'm having a hangover day watching 'The Grinch' on Sky Living :)  It's one of my favourite films evvvveeerrr!!! 

Last week it was my friend Katherine's 18th birthday and I posted some pictures of the meal we had but this week we decided to go out into town for it.  
The day started with me going to buy some heels from new look (just simple black ones) and then going with Katherine and our other friend Jed to a tattoo parlour when they got tattoos done.  I then went to superdrug and picked up this new lipstick/lip gloss product.

The brand is LOOK Beauty and it is new in my superdrug (which is always exciting because we never get anything new (still waiting for sleek to come and MUA to expand)).  Anyway I saw this and had to have it!

It is the LOOK Beauty Double Hit Lip and it has two ends.  One end with a matte lipstick and the other with lip gloss.  I picked up the colour *shade 5* ROSE RIOT and I absolutely love it.  I didn't wear it out because I was wearing a red lip but I have been wearing it all day today testing it out.  

The matte lipstick is so moisturising I would most certainly wear it on its own either during the day or at night.  The lip gloss also on its own is lovely and I would wear at any time in the day but if you wanted a glamorous over the top effect wearing both together leaves an amazing finish on the lips.  

The lipstick has particles of gold throughout giving it that shine we all love.  The lip gloss is slightly pinkier but it is still beautiful.

All in all I am extremely impressed and I defo need to go and pick up all the colours.  There was a beautiful lilac one and also a dark coloured one which I contemplated buying at the time but I decided just to get this one in case I didn't like it.

I will do a post of the day/night when I get all the photos together from the other phones/cameras that they were shot on :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I 100% recommend you go and pick up one of these if you can cus they are amazing :) 

Lots of Love
<3 Secret Beauty <3

Friday, 23 March 2012

Primark False French Manicure Nails

Hey Everyone

I have found my new nail obsession...for a while it was 'George Street' polish by nails inc...then it went onto 'VIP' by Orly on top of 'Strawberry Ice' by Barry M but now it is the...............

'Ooh La La' false french manicure glue on nails by Primark.  I have literally bought soo many...12 boxes! 

They are amazing...they're only £1 and they are petite so the fit my tiny nails. This is something I have a huge issue with when I buy fake nails from anywhere (this is why I bought so many) and so I was extremely impressed by Primark!

So I thought I would do a little picture tutorial of how to put the nails on.  So start (if you have nail varnish on) by removing/cleaning nails with nail varnish remover.  The cut or file your nails down to size to keep them healthy and and at a manageable length.  

Then you want to open the box take the glue out and cut off the top to open it and then close the lid until ready to use.  

Then measure all the nails to the size of your nails.  Making sure they fit down at the cuticle and also covering the whole of your own nail.  Lay them out so that you know which nail is meant to go on which finger. 

I always start with the pinky.  This means I can continue to work with my pointing finger and thumb right through to the end where it gets a little trickier having a fake nail attached.  Take the pinky nail and place some glue all over the bottom half of the fake nail.  Turn it around in your hand and press down into the cuticle and hold onto nail until stuck into pace. (WARNING GLUE WILL STICK FINGERS TOGETHER AND IS DANGEROUS) 

Continue this with al the nails gluing on the clear part of the nail.

The finished look should look like real nails and really cute and ladylike.  This is my nails and I love them.  I always keep the glue on me at all times in case there is an accident and one falls off but they can last up to a week at a time and are really really amazing.  They haven't chipped for me and i've been wearing them for 3 days now and been biting scratching and also dancing with them on.

I really recommend them and hope you can pick some up 

Lots of Love

<3 Secret Beauty <3

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

An 18th Celebration

Hey everyone,

It was my best friend (of 14 years) 18th birthday on Sunday (yes mothers day too) and to celebrate we went out to a little cafe/bar in Stonehaven.  It was lovely.  I did have a little too much to drink (and was suffering for it yesterday) but thought I would just do a little blog to show you guys a couple of the photos that we took.

This is the birthday girl: Katherine

Finally legal drinking out of a champaign glass with '18th' on it :)

This is me in my Primark mint blazer (£15) and my friend Faisal slightly later on in the night ;) 

And a cute little best friends photo at the restaurant :) 

and then one silly photo just before we left her house at 2am! 

and then had school the next day which was rotten haha!  

I hope you all enjoyed this tiny little post:)

I havent filmed/uploaded a video in a while just because I've been getting things sorted for my giveaway which is ending in 11 days so get entering if you havent already :)

Lots of love 
<3 Secret Beauty <3

Monday, 12 March 2012

March Glossybox - Harrods Edition

Hi everyone

Today my March (Harrods Edition) Glossybox arrived.  I'm so excited about it as I love all the products in it.  This month the hype has been huge with the mystery box website being flooded with Glossybox subscribers trying to guess the letters to reveal the mystery box which turned out to be a Harrods one.  

This is the list of amazing products that were included :)

The box included 5 tester sized products (all amazing) The first being Narciso Rodriguez - For Her Eau De parfum (full size around £50)
This smells lovely and lady like...its not a sweetie (like fantasy) smell but it is sweet and floral

*For her is Narciso Rodriguez's first fragrance.  A tribute to women's grace and power of inspiration*

The second product is the Moton Brown - Heavenly Gingerlily Moisture Bath & Shower (full size around £20)

*Vitamin-rich fruit extracts boost the skin and invigorate the senses*

The third product (one I cant wait to try) the YSL - Forever Youth Liberator Serum

*A powerful serum enriched with 3 glycans to help increase youthful activity in skin cells (In Vitro Test)*

The 4th product is the AMAZE BALLS Burberry Beauty - Miniature Lip mist Copper No. 202
*With a balmy, lip-loving formula, Lip mist offers sheer colour with an irresistible gloss shine*

And the last but not least product is the Clarins - Extra Firming Body Cream which is really really soft!!

*A formula rich in regenerating and firming plant extracts which immediately helps to lift and tone, for firmer skin and a younger looking body*

So everything in this Glossybox is amazing and I cant wait to try all of them.  I love the lipstick already and have looked online to buy the full size product :) the colour is lovely :) 

I hope you enjoyed this blog and check out the video to go along with it :) 
Lots of love 
<3 Secret Beauty <3 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Next 2 Nowt

Hey Everyone

So I went on a little shopping spree online to my new favourite website for clothes.  Now it usually takes me quite a while to buy things online and I usually don't do it unless P+P is free or returns are free.  I often find that because I have a weird body shape things tend not to fit me but I have found my new love......

Now I bought 2 dresses and a top but I could have bought way way more.  The total of my three items was £20 plus the £1.95 P+P...(yes I paid P+P).

The first item I bought was this really cute and lovely white floaty dress. £6. It is a size 8-10 and fits really nicely and I cant wait to wear it out.  I have my friends 18th birthday coming up soon on the 30th March (I will post pictures if you guys want to see) and I am going to wear it there. 

The second thing I bought was this amazzzinnnggg baggy top with a massive leopard face on it. £6. I'm not usually into statement pieces but this I absolutely love.  I am wearing it right now and will probably wear it all the time.  Its sooo comfy and cosy to wear.  I would pair it with leggins or skinny jeans with the front tucked in maybe.  

The last thing that I bought was the most expensive and it was £8 and it was this lovely leopard print dress.  It is like a black dress I own but it doesn't have sleaves.  The material of this is like silky so I could wear it during the day or at night depending on what I wore on my feet.  Its really comfortable and affordable which I love. 

So Everyone get down to because it is amazing.  I would like to thank the people at next2nowt for allowing me to review their products.  They came in the post really quickly but I had to go and pick mine up from the delivery office.  I love all my items and I was back on the website last night looking to see what I could buy next.  

They do all types of clothing and all different sizes.  The website is quick and easy to use and is very user friendly...I highly recommend everyone check them out.

Check out my youtube account

Lots of Love
<3 Secret Beauty <3