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Monday, 9 April 2012

Spring Hair Styles

Hey Everyone

I got a lot of requests to do a Spring Hair style tutorial video but I've been having major issues with my hair these days since I got it cut.  I managed to find some old pictures of my own hair and also used my 5 year old cousin as a hair model to show some cute hairstyles that are perfect for spring. 

The first hair style that I loved doing when I had long hair was inspired by the beautiful Lana Del Ray and it's this really cute wavy curly hair.  I used my bendy rollers from superdrug to create this look.  I put them in at night and slept and when I woke up this is the way that my hair looked which I thought was amazing.  With a bit of mouse it looked lovely and with some hair spray it stayed in all day :) 

Another look that I love to do (and can still do on my short hair) and it actually thins my hair down a little bit because your using bits and then letting some fall.  It is a really cute waterfall style braid over the top of the head.  I used a video by bebexo on youtube to create this style and if you want to see a video on how to do it let me know below.  Its really simple and leaves a cute effect.  

Here is a picture of my little cousin with this look on both sides with a cute little flower clip joining the two braids together making her look like a princess :) Sorry its on the side but I cant get it to turn around but you can see what i've done :) 

When I had longer hair I loved using my foxylocks hair extensions to lenthen my hair even more and lovvvvedd the way it looked.  But now because my hair is shorter and thicker wearing my extensions is difficult without it looking ridiculous so I have purchased a really thick weft from ebay which ill let you all see when it arrives and I've got high hopes it will help my thick hair issue.  Anyways here is a picture of my reaaaalllyyy long hair with my foxylocks extensions in :) 

The next pictures are modelled on my 5 year old cousin who has beautiful blonde long thin hair but a lot of it!! The first is using a doughnut to create a lovely ballerina style hair do and takes about 5 minutes to do and perfect using hair grips.  The second is a really cute lady gaga style bow with a lovely clip at the front of the bow to add a little bit of style.   The third is a really lovely fishtail braid down the back that curves in the way and looks really cute.  Especially on her hair with no layers and how shiny it is makes it looks so cute!!! 

I created the same bow with my hair and this is what it looked like.  I also made a bun (without the doughnut) and put a cute little bow clip from New Look in it.  I loved it for summer last year :) 

Hope you all enjoyed this post and if you want to see how to do any of these looks let me know :) 

Lots of love 
<3 Secret Beauty <3 

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