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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Next 2 Nowt

Hey Everyone

So I went on a little shopping spree online to my new favourite website for clothes.  Now it usually takes me quite a while to buy things online and I usually don't do it unless P+P is free or returns are free.  I often find that because I have a weird body shape things tend not to fit me but I have found my new love......

Now I bought 2 dresses and a top but I could have bought way way more.  The total of my three items was £20 plus the £1.95 P+P...(yes I paid P+P).

The first item I bought was this really cute and lovely white floaty dress. £6. It is a size 8-10 and fits really nicely and I cant wait to wear it out.  I have my friends 18th birthday coming up soon on the 30th March (I will post pictures if you guys want to see) and I am going to wear it there. 

The second thing I bought was this amazzzinnnggg baggy top with a massive leopard face on it. £6. I'm not usually into statement pieces but this I absolutely love.  I am wearing it right now and will probably wear it all the time.  Its sooo comfy and cosy to wear.  I would pair it with leggins or skinny jeans with the front tucked in maybe.  

The last thing that I bought was the most expensive and it was £8 and it was this lovely leopard print dress.  It is like a black dress I own but it doesn't have sleaves.  The material of this is like silky so I could wear it during the day or at night depending on what I wore on my feet.  Its really comfortable and affordable which I love. 

So Everyone get down to because it is amazing.  I would like to thank the people at next2nowt for allowing me to review their products.  They came in the post really quickly but I had to go and pick mine up from the delivery office.  I love all my items and I was back on the website last night looking to see what I could buy next.  

They do all types of clothing and all different sizes.  The website is quick and easy to use and is very user friendly...I highly recommend everyone check them out.

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Lots of Love
<3 Secret Beauty <3

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