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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

An 18th Celebration

Hey everyone,

It was my best friend (of 14 years) 18th birthday on Sunday (yes mothers day too) and to celebrate we went out to a little cafe/bar in Stonehaven.  It was lovely.  I did have a little too much to drink (and was suffering for it yesterday) but thought I would just do a little blog to show you guys a couple of the photos that we took.

This is the birthday girl: Katherine

Finally legal drinking out of a champaign glass with '18th' on it :)

This is me in my Primark mint blazer (£15) and my friend Faisal slightly later on in the night ;) 

And a cute little best friends photo at the restaurant :) 

and then one silly photo just before we left her house at 2am! 

and then had school the next day which was rotten haha!  

I hope you all enjoyed this tiny little post:)

I havent filmed/uploaded a video in a while just because I've been getting things sorted for my giveaway which is ending in 11 days so get entering if you havent already :)

Lots of love 
<3 Secret Beauty <3

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