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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

South Of The City GiveAway Prizes :)

Hey Everyone,

OOOMMGEEE I just watched the season finale of TOWIE and awww Gemma and cute!

Anyway back to my blog

Today I went and collected a parcel and it was my prizes from CJ (thesouthofthecity) 
I found her channel nearly as soon as I started on YouTube and have loved her videos ever since.  She posted a GiveAway (**here**) and I was a really lucky surprise 4th place winner.  You can go and check out her amazing channel **HERE**

So I wanted to come on and show you guys the amazing prizes that I won:)

First of all look how beautiful the gift bag that the came in was.  Also They did come wrapped up and in really cute tissue paper but in the excitement I ripped it :( without thinking to take a picture first :( 

Ok so the first three things I received were 3 MUA eye shadows :)

                     shade 29 pearl       shade 3 pearl            shade 30 pearl

I absolutely love the MUA eye shadows...they are pigmented and just lovely and stay on so well :)  SO lucky to get these!

The next thing I received is an MUA lipstick in shade 13 and is a beautiful   red colour :) 

The next thing that I got was something I didn't even know existed but I'm well excited about it :) An MUA 3 in 1 extreme contour Eye Pen.  This is an amazing black pen thats soft and creamy and pigmented.  The point is the colour can be dressed up or down and built up to be a really strong black.  In the swatch I did 2 strokes :) 

Last but most certainly not least I received a SLEEK PALLET AHHH! haha. These are soooooooooo hard to find for me where I live and I never want to buy online because I've had one break before:( but I was so excited when I saw this in my little goodie bag.  I love all the colours and the pigment and they are highly raved about and now I know why.  It is the sleek divine original pallet and i loveeee ittt!!! 

Look how lovely those colours are!  BTW I'm wearing parma violate nail varnish by no 17 (you can see it **here** in my nail polish collection video)

I'm genuinly such a lucky girl and I cant get over these prizes...i've been playing around and swatching these all night haha!  Love getting my fingers into them.

Defo check out CJ's YouTube channel and subscribe because her videos are great...the link is above.

Check out my channel 101SecretBeauty101

I am also doing a give away so check it out **HERE** enter (but remember to follow the rules) (oh and dont spam other peoples comments or the video will be removed and no one will win :( ... not good)  The GiveAway ends 1st April so get entering :) 

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I'm so excited I'm at 94 subscribers as that's my birth year!! But would love to reach 100 and more.  

Check out the lovely card I got from CJ as well :)
Thankyou very much for hosting the giveaway and thankyou so much for my prizes...they are amazing and I love them all :) 

Lots of love
<3 Secret Beauty <3

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