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Friday, 30 March 2012

March Favourites

Hey everyone

Today I have chosen my March favourites.  I only chose beauty products instead of picking things for hair and skincare and such which I have been loving too.  If you want to see all of my March favourite go over to my YouTube where the video will be uploaded soon. 

So lets get started.  The first thing I chose was my I the weather has been really lovely here in the UK I have been wearing more clothes that show skin so I have been fake tanning regularly.  I have gone back to using my collection 2000 lasting perfection ultimate wear foundation.

It has SPF 20 (which is good for your face - even though I still put sunblock on)
The colour I use is Ivory (no.1) and its a really good skin colour match when I have fake tan on b but too dark on a day to day basis.

This month I have been switching between two blushes.  My old favourite natural collection in Dusky pink but also my new sleek blush (that I won on a twitter giveaway) in 935 Flushed.  I love both of these blushes for creating a natural look.  Even though the sleek blush might look a little scary its really not and leaves a gorgeous finish on the cheeks.  You all know that the natural collection blushes are amazing for such a cheap price as well! 

The next thing I wanted to just pick one of them but I literally couldn't...these are my three favourite lip products this month.  The Burberry mini lipstick in copper.  The sleek pout polish tinted lip conditioner in Frosting and the LOOK beauty Double Hit Lip in Rose Riot.
I absolutely love the Burberry lipstick and will be purchasing the full sized product asap!!  It is glossy and shiny and a lovely colour...its lovely to put on to bring your lips to life but not add a lot of colour.  

The sleek pout polish in frosting is my favourite out of all the lip conditioners from sleek and it smells, tastes and looks absolutely gorgeous.  Its very moisturising and gives a gorgeous colour. 

The double hit lip is something ive only really had for a week but i absolutely love it.  The lipstick is so moisturising and leaves a matte look on the lips and i wear it on its own sometimes.  The gloss is a lovely colour and I tend to wear it on its own during the day because i LAV it!

The 2 last favourites this month is my Revlon nail varnish in Tropical Temptation 093 which I absolutely love...the colour is gorgeous and the shine is amazing.  The colour also stays on for ages without chipping as long as a top coat is applied over the top. 

The last thing is this natural collection body spray (which was less that £5 from boots) in the scent Wild Strawberry.  I love this fresh refreshing smell that is gorgeous.  I can wear this all day long and even at night going out with the girls.  A few sprays maybe every 2 hours makes you smell great and another this is that it is small enough to just throw in your bag for the day :) 

Sooo I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you guys in the next one.  Check out my video for the full collection of my march favourites:) 
Lots of love
<3 Secret beauty <3

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