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Sunday, 25 March 2012

LOOK Beauty Double Lip Hit

Hey everyone

Today I'm having a hangover day watching 'The Grinch' on Sky Living :)  It's one of my favourite films evvvveeerrr!!! 

Last week it was my friend Katherine's 18th birthday and I posted some pictures of the meal we had but this week we decided to go out into town for it.  
The day started with me going to buy some heels from new look (just simple black ones) and then going with Katherine and our other friend Jed to a tattoo parlour when they got tattoos done.  I then went to superdrug and picked up this new lipstick/lip gloss product.

The brand is LOOK Beauty and it is new in my superdrug (which is always exciting because we never get anything new (still waiting for sleek to come and MUA to expand)).  Anyway I saw this and had to have it!

It is the LOOK Beauty Double Hit Lip and it has two ends.  One end with a matte lipstick and the other with lip gloss.  I picked up the colour *shade 5* ROSE RIOT and I absolutely love it.  I didn't wear it out because I was wearing a red lip but I have been wearing it all day today testing it out.  

The matte lipstick is so moisturising I would most certainly wear it on its own either during the day or at night.  The lip gloss also on its own is lovely and I would wear at any time in the day but if you wanted a glamorous over the top effect wearing both together leaves an amazing finish on the lips.  

The lipstick has particles of gold throughout giving it that shine we all love.  The lip gloss is slightly pinkier but it is still beautiful.

All in all I am extremely impressed and I defo need to go and pick up all the colours.  There was a beautiful lilac one and also a dark coloured one which I contemplated buying at the time but I decided just to get this one in case I didn't like it.

I will do a post of the day/night when I get all the photos together from the other phones/cameras that they were shot on :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I 100% recommend you go and pick up one of these if you can cus they are amazing :) 

Lots of Love
<3 Secret Beauty <3

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