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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lauren Conrad Novels

Hey everyone

I wanted to do a post on one of my favourite series of books: "L.A Candy" by Lauren Conrad.

Most of you may know Lauren (LC) from either 'Laguna Beach' or 'The Hills' MTV.
For 5 years we watched her grow from a young 18 year old Californian girl to a woman of the Hollywood Hills. Since then Lauren has come on to be a no.1 best selling author .... And one of my personal favs!

Now I was considerably biased buying this book...I didn't read the plot or anything I simply looked at the beautiful covers and saw they were by Lauren and instantly bought them. I absolutely love them! Best impulse buy ever <3

The first book in the series is L.A Candy:

I hope the photos are going in correctly !!

L.A Candy is all about a young girl Jane and her best friend scarlet moving to L.A and being asked to star in this new reality tv show much like the hills...the story unfolds as the girls go through trivial times and have drama on and off set. Lauren claims these stories are fictional but everyone who has read these will want to believe otherwise...

The second book in the novel is 'Sweet Little Lies' and this one is even more exciting that the first (my fav) 
When racy photos of Jane are leaked to the press she's in a complete mess...and she has to figure out which frienamy leaked them! 

The third and final in the series is 'Sugar and Spice'

and this one is about Jane's final goodbyes and the end of her reality show era.  This book probably discusses how Lauren felt when she made the decision (much to my dislike) to leave the hills. 

I seriously recommend these books!!
If the cover isn't enough to make you want to buy it the actual book should!

Even check out the beautiful pictures of Lauren on the back of the books!!! 


Go forth and buy ;)

Hope you enjoyed this post

Lots of love

<3 secret beauty <3

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