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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Body Shop Products

Hi everyone

Yesterday I received in the post this box of lovely goodies from The Body Shop.

After doing my review video on my YouTube channel **HERE** I was kindly sent all this amazing stuff....

The first thing I noticed was of course my favourite product: the strawberry shower gel:) I love this stuff to no end...check out my video to hear what I have to say on it.

The second thing I noticed is something that I didn't even know the body shop did and has actually cleared up a little question I had about the body butters. This is the sweet pea body moisturiser for dry skin on one side and normal skin on the other:

On the dry skin side is the normal texture of a body butter but on the normal skin side is the same next ire as the lemon tub...they must be the same formula!!!

The third thing I saw and loved is the body shop perfume...I had never smelled it before but omg it smells absolutely amazing!!!

I love the packaging; it's like glass that's been in the sea but it's pink and white which I love! Not only do I love the packaging but the smell is gorgeous too.

The body shop also extremely kindly gave me the waterproof mascara (blue packaging) and a brow thingy (clear packaging... I don't actually know what they are called haha)

I haven't tried them yet but can't wait to in the future and let you guys know all about them :)

I also was given two eye shadows that are absolutely gorgeous, their names are 
<- copper / moonshine ->

These are amazing pigmented and I'm so excited to use these.  They are super shimmery and amazing which I will see these in tutorials soon :) 

I also received a lipstick in 'Rich Scarlet' which I absolutely love.  

It applys well and gives a beautiful colour and also smells absolutely amazing!!! It's really moisturising and looks great on.  It's not as dark as a pure red lipstick as it does have a slightly sheerer finish which is perfect for those who don't suit, or feel cant pull of a bright red lip (me!) This is the best alternative i've found for wearing a red lip!!

Defo check it out!


This my friends is my ultimate faaaaaavourite product from the Body Shop. If you have watched my YouTube video you will have heard all the great things I had to say about the eye shadow pallet that I bought on sale...well these eye shadows are exactly the same but in smaller cubes.  What's cute about this is all the cubes come out so if one day you are wearing the darker blue you can take that cube and leave the other 3 at home!!!! SPACE EFFICIENT!

A massive thankyou to The Body Shop and Patrizia Galeota for sending me these products...I absolutely love them!

Go to the bodyshop website *here* to check out all this amazing stuff! 

Lots of love
<3 Secret Beauty <3

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