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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancake Day

Hey everyone!!!

Wednesday is a good day for me! I have only 2 periods at school (yyyyyyaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy)

So i've come home, filmed and edited and filmed again and am now writing this blog!

PANCAKE DAY! was yesterday so I thought id do a little blog just showing you guys my pancakes (they are hashtag amazeballs)

SOOO me and my mum cooked to pans of pancakes, one for little fat ones and one for big thin ones!!! 

SOOOO we also liked to mix things up a little bit
and  we made disney shaped ones YAYAYAYAY!!!

We have this cool egg shaper (that doesnt actually work on eggs) and we used it to make mickey mouse shaped pancakes!!  

Here is me being amazing at flipping my pancake! (take 100 of this photo)

Everyone loves lemon and sugar but me and my mum dont (well my mum does but its not in the photo) so we had syrup, maple syrup, starbucks caramel sauce, chocolate spread, butter and sugar:) YUM

My mum also had streaky smoked bacon with hers and maple syrup which makes me want to spew but ever since she had it in Florida she loved it!  I just cant even think about it or look at this photo for too long haha...but here are our finished results :) 

Hope you all had a really good pancake day and have checked out my YouTube Channel...I just did the 7 deadly sins tag and its uploading and I have filmed a video on the body shop products I received but spoke about below! Check it out **here** 

Lots of love
<3 Secret Beauty <3

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