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Monday, 28 May 2012

May Glossybox

Hey everyone, 

I have been so busy with exams and the nice weather I just haven't been filming or blogging at all so I'm sorry for that and now back to my Glossybox May Blog post.

Watch my video on youtube for more detail cus i spoke in detail on there :) 

In the May box - The anniversary box we got 

The all in one hair sprayer that smells amazing 

The noble Isle bath and body shower gel 

2 Perfume testers that are all right but not amazing 

Weleda face/body milk that I'm allergic too :(

False eye lashes that look glamorous (will let you know how they apply)

A balloon and mirror from glossybox for their birthday (which i blow up in the video :) 

And then the packaging of course as always is lovely :) 

Check out my video and I'll see you guys later 

lots of love 
<3 Secret Beauty <3

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