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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bling bling Art phone case

Hey everyone

Haven't posted in a while but I've been saving up for this post here.  I'm really excited to show you my new love!!! 

If you watch my YouTube videos you will know that I got a new Iphone 4s and i've been filming my videos on it.  Well of course I needed a case for it.  My cousin had bought a case from a website so I thought I would check it out for myself and see what I liked.  In instantly fell in love.
The website is Bling Bling Art and the case that I very kindly received was the  pink bow on pearl effect case (HERE)

They have given me a code for my subscribers/viewers to use at checkout when you spend over £14.99 on their website for 20% off
The code is '101SB' and the details of how you can use it will be at the bottom :) 

My case is absolutely gorgeous.  It came packaged up in bubble wrap with some extra pearls and glue so that if anything was to happen I could glue some back on but I have to say, I really dont think anything will as I've used it every day (in my bag and out) and also on a night out getting chucked around and it is still in complete perfect condition.  All of my friends have said how 'me' it is and i'm sure its every girl who loves a bit of glamour and glitter. 
I have been in contact with Phu from Bling Bling Art and asked a few questions to let you guys know more about the company and also how they make the cases. 
Bling Bling art have been a company for more that 7 years but were mainly to do with nail art but when their baby came along Phu's wife decided to move onto phone cases as this meant she could work from home and look after her Princess :) They did some research into the phone case market and purchased some of their own and were disappointed.  This flared the idea of affordable good quality, handmade cases blinged in the UK.  They use high quality diamante simulant made from glass or acrylic but can also use Swarovski if requested. 
All of the cases are handmade and can take up to 10 hours depending on the complexity of the design.  For the case I had made It takes about 6 hours to complete and has to be done in a series of stages. The pink bow has to be glued on with really sturdy glue and then the cyrstals onto it then the pearls onto the case and dried.  

Bling Bling Art try to cater for all tastes with designs from Hello Kitty, sea life, insect, animal, romantic, 4 seasons, cartoon characters and abstract.  There is no limit. They just always keep 4 words in mind.  Affordable, durable, practical and beautiful - and that they are!!! 

Bling Bling Art's personal top 3 favourite cases are the 

1) Crystals 3D Bling Bow - HERE

2) Vivienne Westwood - HERE

3) 8 Daisies Bling Iphone - HERE 

I absolutely love my case and you guys defo have to check out the website...the have some amazing things on there...especially the big bows!! there so cute!!

Lots of love
<3 Secret beauty <3 

My case being made :)

T&C on code - Only for purchase on it will not work on the ebay store but if you see a case you like and would like to purchase using the code email to let them know the style and they will get it listed on the website.
All opinions are my own and information has been provided by Bling Bling Art for my use and thats the boring bit over with hope you all have a lovely night/day wherever you are :) 

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