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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cutey jewellery

Hey everyone

Today I have a really ace review for you guys on these 3 gorgeous bracelets from Cutey (website HERE at 

Firstly I'd like to say thankyou to Cutey for sending me these three bracelets to review and you can check out my video review on YouTube by clicking on the first video at the top of the page (when my phone decides to upload it)! 

Cutey were founded in 2011 and have newly taken out their newest collection of shamballa bracelets in many different colours and styles and today you can get 30% off any product using the code 'love' at checkout. 

The postage time was next day delivery (which is amazing) because it is free worldwide delivery!!! and you can check them out on twitter, facebook and their blogs which will be linked down below. 

I was sent three beautiful bracelets (which i've had perminantly attached to my wrist since I got them) and I love them!

The first is this absolutely gorgeous red one (oizys on their website).  I would say this is an evening piece of jewellery as it is quite dark in colour with the black, red and silver beads but could be worn during the day depending on your mood, colour or outfit.  My favourite bead on this is the red spiked one with white smudges as it is bold and stands out.  

How gorgeous is that red bead!!!  the bead that isnt really visible is a little turtle which is too cute!  I love the black one too its very bold and statement!  I have now altered the order of these and put the red spiked one where the black one is just so it's in the middle.

The next bracelet (Pontus) is my second favourite and it is a gorgeous blue colour.  It reminds me on the sun sea and sand candle from yankee and is such a beautiful colour and summers day at the beach like!  This bracelet has 7 beads and they are all gorgeous.  My favourite is the little sea turtle followed by the blue circle with little white stars inside it.  I love wearing this one during the day with any outfit as it compliments the blue colour in my eyes.

The next bracelet is my ultimate favourite one (no guesses why) because its pink!!  It is called Eros. There are 5 beads and they are all amazing. The pink and white striped one is like a candy cane (and like my nails if you saw them not long ago).  The circle with pink flowers in them is gorgeous and the green really matches.  Then there is a darker pink coloured circle with green in it that I love.  But the little charm is far too cute! It is a boy and a girl kissing inside a little love heart surounded by two pink heart charms.  I love wearing this bracelet during the day with the blue one as all the colours go really well together.  

As you can see the beads are easily removed and moved around.  All of the beads have been put onto one bracelet here to show how they all can match and if you wanted to wear one bracelet with different beads then you can mix and match for any occasion. 

All of the bracelets I received where £12.99 and you can buy them from 

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