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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New Room in student housing

Hey Everyone, I'm back

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I've moved to a new city away from all my family and friends and have started college and really settled into 'student life.'  It's be absolutely crazy hectic here and finally I have managed to film a video and upload some pictures of my new room.

When I first moved into my flat things were a little different in my room but I have now put everything in its place (including furniture) and made it my own.

First of all here is my front door and and hall way into my room:
Second here is my bed.  Now before my bed was along the side wall where my clothes rail is and my chest of drawers but I decided I didn't want it there so moved it to under my window.

Just next to my bed is my desk and a little cabinet and another set of drawers.  My shelves and photo board are also here.  I absolutely love my collage of all my friends and family from back home.  My little cousins are so cute!

Next to my bed and mirror is my clothes rail and chest of drawers with clothes in it.  I do have a wardrobe near my bathroom on the wall you cant see next to the front door but it wasn't big enough for all my clothes.

I have forgotten to take a picture of the storage under my bed but it is just 3 large boxes holding all my shoes.  I missed this out of the video aswell but if you would like me to include it in another post about clothes or a video let me know down below or in the comment bit of the video title Room Tour (NEW)

Hope you all are doing well :)
Hope I can find time to post and video more often now that I am settled.

  1. Lots of love
  2. <3 Secret Beauty <3

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