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Monday, 27 August 2012

Edinburgh tattoo

Hey everyone

I've just moved into my new flat (post coming soon) so I'm just putting up a post I had previously typed about the Edinburgh Tattoo festival so here it is :) 

Hey everyone

Yesterday my mum and I went down to Edinburgh to see the Tattoo festival with my mums work.  We got taken down on a bus and taken back home as well.  The day was really good and luckily sunny. 

I took some photos to upload so here they are. 

Firstly here is my and my mum on the bus :) 

This is out the window when we were crossing the bridge heading to Edinburgh.  I think it is the 4th road or fourth or something like that. 

These are photos from the Edinburgh Tattoo where many military specialists played the bagpipes and brass bands played along to Scottish dancers and other really exciting things.  Also a few fireworks were set off but as it was quite light they were difficult to photograph but I've included one to let you see :) 

Finally this is a picture of 'The Horn' if you've travelled Scotland and stopped here before you will know you get theee best bacon roll here ever!  It is amazing and leaves you extremely thirsty for the rest of the day. 

I will do a new flat video and post asap.  Im just getting everything sorted so far so bare with me :) 

Lots of love

<3 Secret Beauty <3

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